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Nothing can be easier to start your own business in Australia. Join Annique as a consultant for $35 per year and earn an income. You will also have access to Rooibos products and your friends and family can support your business.

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Extra income

Earn $ in Australia, paid into your account, this will help with every day expenses and the more you sell the more you can earn!

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Special offers and gifts

You will have access to Annique Rooibos special offers and gifts. We have great monthly offers and consultants will have first access to lmited edition products.

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Rooibos can lower the risk of heart disease

Researchers also found that biomarkers associated with cardiovascular disease significantly reduced by drinking Rooibos tea

Annique Rooibos’s story

Started in 1968 Dr Annique Theron stumbled across the natural healing powers of the South African herb, Rooibos, when she warmed Lorinda, her allergic baby bottle with warm Rooibos tea. For the first time since birth, Lorinda slept through the night and her allergic reactions to even her mother’s milk calmed down.

The Founding Mother of Rooibos: Dr Annique Theron

Dr. Theron hypothesized that the Rooibos she gave her daughter was the catalyst for a positive change, prompting her to investigate further. Despite the challenges she faced as a woman substantiating her findings, she embarked on a mission to create transformative opportunities for all.

In 1971, Annekie Theron Ondernemings (Pty) Ltd was founded. Dr. Annique’s commitment to aiding others is evident in her inaugural product, the Annique Wonder Slim, now recognized as the Annique Rooibos Lifestyle Shake formula. By 1973, she introduced her first trio of skin care products, with the standout being the Annique Revitalising Cream—a perennial bestseller.

The Rooibos Connection

What makes Annique Rooibos’ products so exceptionally unique is that they contain Rooibos, which has been a trusted and scientifically proven remedy over the past few decades

Dr Annique Theron

Dr Annique Theron

Frequently asked questions

What if I would like personal product delivery to my customers, can I still do that?

You can still deliver your products personally, you just place your order on your own shop and the stock will be delivered to the address you set as your delivery address.

I haven’t used Annique products for a while or don’t have the knowledge, will I still be able to be a consultant?

Yes, we have support documentations and plenty of training information and on our

website about ingredients and application of products.

Is there a minimum amount I need to sell each month to qualify?

Yes, you have to sell $250 per month as a consultant. We want you to earn as much as possible.

How will my payouts be made?

Payments will be automatic through our online payment provider Stripe, that‘s why you need to link your Stripe account. It‘s secure and efficient payment gateway.Payment will not be through credit to your account, but in AU$.

Will I know how to set up my store, is there help available?

Yes help and instructions are available

View our Starter packs

Starter packs are optional and new consultants will be given the opportunity to purchase a starter pack/s for 40% discount – one time only. 

Hydrafine Starter Pack

Rooibos is 100% good

To conclude: Researchers know of no side effects associated with the use of Rooibos tea. Pure Rooibos tea is also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children.